To share a bit of my story with you...Life wasn’t always a merry-go-round of happy unicorns for me.

A lot of people look at me and think I’ve never had a down day. But that’s because manifesting my best life is my commitment, not because I had it easy or never experienced hardship. 

Not to get into a trauma share, but growing up was filled with loneliness and questioning my very existence. 

I had to grow up fast, running the household because my mother wasn't up to the task and defending myself at school from the relentless bullies.

I took to working hard as a way to fight my way up from what felt like the bottom. And it was effective, for a long time. Until I came to a point where I grew tired of everything feeling so hard, always putting in so much effort for so little return. 

No matter how hard I tried, the pattern stayed the same...

...I put in the hard work and all I felt was exhausted, tossed aside by the Universe. (maybe you can relate)

What I wanted was to wear a bright smile that felt real with sparkles of inspiration but...

  • I didn't feel good, my gut was trashed, I was exhausted, and my anxiety was at an all-time high
  • I had studied mindset & law of attraction but I had no clue what I was getting wrong (I had a vision board, goals, and I was a positive person)
  • I didn't have a strategy I was just reacting to whatever popped up in my day
  • And I was clueless about my intuition, how to use my gift of sensitivity as an asset and I took on everyone's energy which only added to my stress

I thought setting goals and “working hard” to accomplish them was the only way. I did accomplish some things that way...

...accomplishing was not the issue.

I said yes to many projects, I had long checklists I tended to. I oversaw a lot of “really important” things, received promotions, and held management positions.

My plate was overflowing. I was working long days, through weekends. I told myself that I needed to push myself to get it all done. Because those important things were going to add up to my “big break”.

I finally got my big break; the problem was it was me that broke.

I was over-worked, over-stressed and without the energy to process or hear my inner guidance, I lost everything I had been working so hard for.

I was ready for a change. I started over with a new approach.

Instead of accomplishing everything because I could or because someone asked, I was discerning with my precious time and energy and only focused on what was most meaningful for me.

Instead of rigid discipline, longer days, or tending to endless lists that filled me with pressure, I mastered tending to my vibration.

Things started to shift when I made healthier choices for myself.

Choices about how I filled my days, what projects I said yes to, and ultimately how I treated myself.

And it’s not that my life was any easier, at first, but it felt like I had control.

My hard learning curve took some time to recover from, but I did. I also invested thousands of hours and dollars into myself to make sure it never happened again.

I turned my hard lessons into some cool, intuitive tools and energy strategies to help you flip the switch for peace of mind so you can bend reality and rapidly create the outcomes you want – skipping all the hard stuff I went through.

I’m here to help you save time, energy, and money…and suffering in situations that are not serving you.

Now you may be feeling a bit corned from all your “really important” things you must take care of, wondering how to fit yourself in there, anxious about all you have to get done let alone the results you want to see, but I promise you there is a way.

And it's not as difficult as you may think, does not require you to add more hours to your day, or more to your to-do list.

After working with so many women to create the results and confetti-worthy outcomes they want, I know it happens faster when they’re having fun.

So my process and coaching program is filled with fun concepts, simple and easy to implement spiritual lessons, and we practice throwing virtual confetti along the way too.

You learn how to create a party vibe for your life (your manifesting sweet spot) and feel empowered to make intuitive choices that transcend you beyond limitations to manifest your best life & make it real.



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