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So, you can live boldly, absolutely free of your inner critic, undefined by others,
with purpose and passion expressed fully in your zone of creative genius?

Well hell yes! You're in the right place.

I help coaches, creatives, spiritual entrepreneurs & wellness experts like you,
tap into your core courage to share your gifts, message, and impact with the world.

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Are you having any of these common experiences?


You put entirely too much pressure on yourself to perform...perfectly.

Never Enough

You’ve accomplished a great deal but you still don’t give yourself credit.

Brain Drain

Your brain is problem solving 24/7, keeping you amped up and unable to relax.


Even though you know what needs doing, you lose focus, get distracted or put it off.

Battle Negative Thoughts

You push yourself to achieve at a high level, but nagging thoughts make it grueling. 

Self-Worth Roller Coaster

You measure your self-worth based on your success and results - or lack of it.

Overly Self-Conscious.

You worry about disappointing others, their opinions, feelings or what they think of you.

Struggle to Find Balance.

You’re prioritize success, work, other people's needs before your own self-care needs.

Hey, I'm Nicole. I can't wait to meet you.

I'm absolutely stoked to hear about all the goodness you're creating in the world, how you help your people...

...and what else you want to add to your 'been there rocked that' list.

I work with high-achieving coaches and wellness professionals like you to create your inspired mind, strategize your energy, and lead with your purpose so you can focus on growing your impact with the RIGHT people that need YOU.

I draw on both practical experience in the industry (30 years) and intuitive gifts to close the energy gap for you!

I have a serious vision and strategy that has worked incredibly well for me, helped me live my healthiest, happiest life while creating my greatest impact.

My mission is to teach you how to do the same.

If you're ready to hear the details, and want my help to create YOUR energy strategy, take action now.

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Don't delay, I truly believe you're gonna love it.

Nicole Isler, Mindset Maven


Rob, WI

“Nicole is very intuitive and picks up on the little details you overlook even while you are talking. By doing this, she brings out your true inner thoughts and feelings to guide you in the direction you truly desire. She helped me find my passion again in personal training. It was always there, I just covered it up with what I felt I was "supposed" to do. I am now the most successful trainer at my gym.”

Betty, WA

I am glowing today because of all the shifting & healing that Nicole has supported me through. So many "layers" of healing & shedding. So many Ah-ha moments while coaching with her. She has taught me so many resources & tools to navigate life from such an empowered place."

Dennis, WI

“Nicole is a unique combination of professionalism, insight, and business sense. More importantly, she practices what she preaches! Just after an hour of coaching, Nicole skillfully laid the foundation for me to see what I desired as opposed to what is the expected thing to do. I recommend her ability whether "stuck" with a major life decision or the pedestrian "roadblocks" we all run into.”

Imagine feeling and having more:


Track progress in your favor vs. seeing lack of it.


Enjoy your accomplishments with joy and ease.

Head Space

Clarity of mind + confidence to excel and take inspired action.


You take charge of what deserves your attention.

Positive Thoughts

You achieve at a high level with thoughts that support your highest potential. 

Self-Worth in Action

You care for your needs first, feel worthy and energized to continue growing.

Radical Confidence.

You feel free to be your full self without worry what others may think of you.

Ease, Flow & Function.

You adjust and calibrate your state to optimize your efforts, mindset, and results.

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