Hey! I'm Nicole...

I am driven by my soul to live my dreams fully. I don't sugar coat when it comes to personal growth, tolerate excuses or being a victim. INTEGRITY, INDEPENDENCE, WELLNESS, FUN & EMPOWERMENT are my core values.

I believe we all have gifts, something unique to share with the world. I am a warrior for freedom and the values + people I believe in. If you stand with me you will never stand alone.

I know what it feels like to be an outcast, bullied + judged for being myself. I have felt like I wasn't good enough and know what it feels like to love myself for being more than enough. I want everyone to know that self-love too.

I am an accredited Empowerment Coach, Certified Energy Practitioner, Psychic Empath, Psych-K Certified, Relentless Entrepreneur, Eternal Optimist & hopefully your new found Coach + Friend. 


From my heart to yours...

You are the ONLY expert at being you. You're not too sensitive, too extra, - or not enough. You do you and all will fall into place.

There are things only you can do the way you do them. I'm here to help you own your superpowers + use them in a way that lights you the fuck up!

Get really good at telling yourself what you need to hear. Decide what you want, who you're here to be, then talk yourself into it.