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Nicole Isler, the Superfeelers Soul-Guide here...

I'm also founder of the Superfeelers Soul Tribe (a global community on FacebookTM) life alchemist, energy strategist, an eternal optimist, avid learner, wellness + fitness enthusiast with a crazy passion for glitter pens and journals, organizing everything by color, big-time dreamer – and empowered superfeeler.

After being told I was "too sensitive" for so many years of my life, blaming my energy, emotions, and most everything happening around me...

I finally developed the energy skills + magical-meets-practical strategies needed to live with authentic courage, feeling empowered, and on purpose to create a passionate, fulfilling life and business that impacts the world.

My mission is to teach you how to do the same.

It took me some time to get here, to learn what I needed to understand. But I can show you the fast path to activate your core purpose to transform your life and business.

Sound good?

Life wasn’t always a merry-go-round of happy sunshine and butterflies for me. A lot of people look at me and think I’ve never had a down day. But that’s because happiness is my commitment, not because it was given to me on a silver spoon.

Far from it. Not to get into a trauma-share, I had to take care of myself growing up because my mother was simply not up to the task. I had to determine my own direction because what my mother was telling me just didn’t feel good. It turned out she had multiple personality disorder, so it was a good thing I navigated my own way. 

But I will tell you I learned that nobody was going to give me happiness and I wasn’t going to get anywhere playing the victim either. I had to make my own happiness.

In fact, I’ve always felt like I was trying to break free from things that didn’t feel right, and run toward things that did feel right, making my way like Dorothy down the Yellow Brick Road. There was a wicked witch threatening to burn me and my friends to the ground, and poppies luring me to sleep, and even a bunch of flying monkeys trying to take away my dog, but I wasn’t going to let these challenges keep me from my own emerald green Oz and my horse of many colors.

Along the journey to empowerment, I noticed that good things happened for me and others when I followed the good feeling notions that came to me…what I learned people called “intuition.” There were many ways I learned to follow the signs that came to me to help myself, my family members, co-workers, and friends. I took the part of me that people said was, “too sensitive,” and turned it into my superpower.

What evolved was the ability to consciously feel what is going on with other people, and it became a playground for me to open people’s awareness.

All I had to do was trust the messages and feelings I received and share them with my people, and their results were magical!

Like the friend who…learned to stand in her power and speak her truth. She went from feeling “too emotional”, surrounded by people who did not understand her or treat her with respect, to a woman others turn to for wisdom and insight. She is a strong role-model for her daughters and a happier, healthier, vibrant person in her life and business.

And the client who...decided that ending her life was not the only option. She was worthy of happiness and to pursue her passions and big dreams. When she discovered her core purpose, that she had gratitude to share with others from her life lessons, her life transformed into one worth living to the fullest.

And the family member who...stopped feeling the pressure to be perfect, worrying so hard about letting others down, judging herself for her thoughts and emotions. She allowed herself to enjoy life more. She learned to listen to her emotions instead of trying to shut them down and trust her own insight. She gave herself kindness, understanding, and credit for her achievements and to appreciate the amazing person she had become.

Wayne Dyer said when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. I have discovered that if you change the way you feel about something, everything changes. 

You’re not limited to any circumstance. So, if something is showing up as a negative, the law of opposites says the positive is right on the other side. I want people to get a glimpse of what could unfold for them when they look beyond their own limitations and let their soul soar.

For most of my life I felt like a misfit, and I hid a lot of myself. I spent so many years feeling embarrassed about the sensitive part of myself. I tried to hide it, shut it down and pretend I was someone I was not. I took on other people’s energy without even realizing it, believing all along I was unable to control my emotions.

It was a regular thing in my life to get picked on by that one mean person in the room. I learned early on how unsafe, unwelcome, and alone I felt in the world. I cried easily. I was called shy. Feeling anxious, timid, and scared was my inner world, so putting myself out there to make new friends, did not feel safe for me.

But when I started sharing my message, what I thought, how I felt, and about how my sensitivity was a powerful way to help people, that’s when superfeelers started coming to me. I began to listen to my intuitive voice and trust it, which led me to make better decisions that enhanced my relationships, path, and life.

This epiphany about my sensitivity + what made me feel different, made me wonder if there were others who were struggling, burying their emotions, putting on a strong face while feeling a mess inside. Most likely, blaming their sensitivity, or what they believed was wrong with them.

What if what you think is wrong about you is what’s really right about you?

I wondered if they were taking the same approach I used to. Over-achieving, over-extending, over-tending to everyone else and over-committing my time, energy, and focus. All in an effort to feel normal, good enough.

When I stepped out to help superfeelers from a place of power, I found the brave breakthrough I had been searching for.

I know how lonely and isolating it is to be so different from others in your family and community, how it can feel like nobody in the world understands you. 

That’s why I do the work I do. I want to share what I learned along the way. I created a global soul tribe of successful superfeelers, supporting each other to come out, shed the layers of whatever is not working, and have fun on the journey to empowerment. 

I created a destiny by design life that is literally sunshine and butterflies, it’s happy, fun, drama-free. It’s not that contrast doesn’t show up in my life, but when it does, I feel resilient, confident, and energized to take that negative energy and transform it into something positive.

My life's work is helping successful superfeelers clarify their core purpose and create a passionate, fulfilling life and or business that impacts the world.

Which requires learning new energy skills, mastering a new way of BEE-ing, managing your emotions in healthy ways and using them to navigate the twists and turns of life intuitively.

It will also call for needed changes, soul-guidance, and in many cases healing work. That's where support is needed, but also where I bring my magical-meets-practical strategies to the table.

While I do believe that you hold all the answers and inner wisdom you need to transform your life, you may not understand or know how to tap in and access it without your inner critic, ghosts of your past experiences, or people in your life chiming in on your decisions and desires.

I hold space for you to show up, be creative, or a mess if that's what's necessary or showing up for you - until we get you to the other side of the gap. As your Soul-guide, I walk with you from where you are, to where you want to BEE, channeling the connection with your soul to lead you.

My mission is to see you living your passionate, fulfilling life.

If that sounds good to you, this is where you say yes to your soul and book our call to discuss what working together would look like for us. I have a personal approach, we'll map out your journey from a manageable life to a magical one. Book our time now, I think you're really gonna love what we come up with.


What makes me tick?


Enneagram 3

Success-Oriented, Adaptive, Excelling, Driven

Sun Sign

Aries: Head-butts problems into the ether, the life force that inspires others to get up and keep going in spite of resistance

Gallup Strengths

Strategic, Activator, Relator, Learner, Individualization

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