"Be happy, it's a lot more fun!"

Welcome to Positivity Party Central!

Calling all creatives, helpers, healers & 🦄-lovers who want to uplift the world - this is the podcast for you! 

Do you sometimes feel emotionally drained but you don't know why? Overwhelmed by the negative energy around you? Are you struggling to stay positive, feeling unmotivated, even though you've always been the positive one who uplifts + inspires others?

Nicole promises to deliver more than positivity to lift your spirit and brighten your mood. Learn simple but powerful energy strategies to unmuggle your mind, clear your intuition, embrace your spiritual gifts, and so much more.

Each week on Positivity Party Podcast, you’ll hear:

  • Real stories of transformation
  • Spiritual + perspective-shifting concepts
  • An action plan to take into the week

Take a break from your hectic daily life and visit with Nicole for a new episode every Monday!

Nicole Isler

Host and Mindset Maven

As a Happiness Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Positivity Expert, (& 🦄 lover) Nicole guides you through each episode with enthusiasm, passion + insight. She believes everyone is on a spiritual path, and we just need to have more fun to let our light shine through. She's all about getting results, making progress and moving forward, but doing it joyfully. Nicole is here to share positivity like rainbows & uplift the world. Consider this your invitation to join her for the best energy party ever! Click Subscribe Now!




"Great podcast! Were you talking to me?!?! I feel like we are friends, and you're guiding me to a better version of myself." - Dawn

Cynthia S.

“Even after the worst day at my office, I can spend 30 minutes with Nicole and feel more positive and re-energized.”

Donna H.

“Nicole’s positive influence and ability to put a positive spin on the negative has forever changed the person that I am.”

Debbie N.

“Nicole just gets it, no matter what "it" is. She is so uplifting to listen to, and she truly cares and wants to help. I love this lady!!”