"The Future is POSITIVE!" - When we party together!

I'm a positivity expert, happiness coach, intuitive empath, and practitioner of energy medicine with 30 years in wellness + 15 years in coaching. I specialize in supporting health, wellness, and fitness professionals, coaches, and spiritual entrepreneurs.

I holistically help my clients create a happy + fulfilling lifestyle, which most of the time translates to making their own needs a priority +  eliminating what is getting in the way of that.  That's where my support and guidance is key.

I created "party pass" options to meet where you are and fast-track your dreams. I included all the energy healing, support, coaching, and resources to help you get your energy party started.

Choose the party pass that feels right for you!


Month-to-Month Membership

Get ready to party like a unicorn!🦄 This is where coaching meets community! Whether you're just starting your purpose-driven impact or doing it full time,  and you want positive-minded peeps to stay positive and throw confetti with, this is the party pass for you.

  • Monthly energy parties & group readings
  • Weekly coaching hours to ask questions
  • Positively charged virtual clubhouse
  • Access to spiritual library
  • Monthly masterclass
  • Energy + mindset inbox magic
  • Club member surprises! 


TRANSCEND: a 90-Day Party Pass

Party with me personally to be the life of the party!🎉

For 90 days we will focus on getting you back to feeling light, having more fun, being your happiest self. This gets to be all about you. The goal is to restore your inner balance, resolve ongoing challenges, and help you reclaim your power so you can live your life like the grandest party ever.

This is an all-access party pass to Nicole! Throughout the month you’ll connect for 3, 60-minute calls to review what’s working, where you need more support, providing energy work, strategies, coaching, and mediumship. Nicole will also be available by email or Voxer to keep you vibrating in alignment, manifesting fun, and feeling festive.

This is for you if you have been letting your life, other people, negative energy control you, giving your power away to obstacles, minimizing your own power, wants, needs to accommodate others, and you’re over it, ready for change, and excited at the thought of feeling lighter, positive, possible – happier!

Let’s party together. It will be a magical 90 days with the angels, unicorns, and fairies all holding a space for your intentions as we work together.

  • 1:1 calls with Nicole include energy work, coaching, strategizing, mediumship, whatever you need!
  • Party your way through 6 empowering, insightful lessons, audio trainings + worksheets included
  • By the end of your 90 days you'll be expressing your happy self, feeling lighter, like the life of your own party.
  • 2 Party Pass options to choose from!

Kristin Cox, Corporate Trainer

Having Nicole as a personal coach was the best investment I have ever made! I was feeling stuck with regret, remorse, and lacking the confidence I needed to grow in my career and personal life. She helped me get back on track, focus on what really matters and move forward with new ideas confidently.

June Zahn, Spa Owner

I had the incredible opportunity to work with Nicole. Her shiny toolbox is filled with custom crafted conversations, exercises, and ideas that guided me to look deep within myself so that we could tap into, and clear my energy blocks. Nicole helped me to awaken the person that I’m truly supposed to be. The BEST Me! Thanks to Nicole’s special, sparkly self, both my personal life, and my wellness center are now alive with abundance and amazingness! 

Debbie Groll, Health Coach

Before working with Nicole I felt like I was living a small life, afraid to speak up and express my feelings or try new things. Nicole taught me not to take ownership of negative labels, to recognize my gut feelings are true, to trust them, and how to switch feeling anxious with feeling excited! I am more confident expressing my feelings. I feel safe doing so, because I am listening and trusting my heart.

Joy Allen, Professional Artist

I feel more alive than ever! I have accomplished more in this last year than ever before. Through your guidance, you helped me focus on my visions for my future. I am thrilled to report my life rocks. My dear mentor, Nicole, you helped my transformation from a timid, beat down woman to a woman who walks with her head high and shines her light so bright.

Tabbie Thew, Energy Healer

Nicole gets all the energetic stuff that has built up over your lifetime and helps you get clear on what your truth is vs. what others have made you believe. Working with her has helped me start to shine in my own way, something I never thought was possible for me. I’ve reduced family tension which made space for things I wanted to do like starting my own business, writing a chapter in a book and presenting in a tele-summit. My life has changed so much for the better. I’m thrilled to be doing what I’ve always wanted.

Cathi Cohen-Brownfield, Crystal Consultant

My experience with Nicole was nothing short of life-changing. I was coming out of one of the darkest times of my life. I enrolled to work with Nicole and by the end of the second week I released a lifetime of secrets that I couldn’t release in over 20 years of therapy. By the third week I was soaring high, feeing joy I had never felt before. I allowed myself to dream, discover my purpose and what I wanted for myself. I’ve moved away from therapy and live a positive, high energy and high vibe life.

Christa Maxine, Professional Chef

Let’s give Praise to US for wanting the best of ourselves and for this beautiful friend, amazing spirit we all know as Nicole. I participated in her Impact group she offered, and today was an aha money thought - loving this. Have you been stuck in a rut!?! Nicole is here for you. Reach out to her.