The Energy Scan Technique

The Energy Scan Technique is an intuitive method of connecting with energy fields I have found to be most powerful and has become a primary centerpiece of my healing and coaching practice to help prospective and existing clients have breakthroughs more rapidly.

My Process

When I do an energy scan, my observations are made by using my intuitive gifts in several ways.

Using my inner vision (rather than the person’s actual body) I can see images, colors, symbols, whatever represents what is being stored in the energy field of the person I'm reading, or what their higher self, guides, or spirit use to translate what's happening within their energy and body.

I am also clairsentient and feel trapped energy, blocks, symptoms, emotions which many times may surprise the person I'm reading as they have not told anyone they feel these matters or they realize they have been ignoring the feelings, or downsizing the symptoms.